Better Care, Sooner


Wait times are down!

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority: "In the first three months since consolidation, emergency department median wait times have decreased by 19%."

Our PC government is committed to ensuring that Manitoba’s health care system is better, stronger, and more affordable.

Our PC government has budgeted $452 million more than the last NDP budget - more is being spent on health care today than ever before!

Experts have told us that the health care system in Manitoba is not sustainable without significant change.

We are reforming health care to ensure better care sooner for you and your family. By concentrating hospital resources, investing in emergency services, reducing ambulance fees and hiring more paramedics, you will:

  • Receive faster care through shorter ER wait times
  • Get the right care at the right time at the right place
  • Spend less of your money should you need an ambulance

Manitobans deserve better health care - sign if you agree:

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