Dawson Trail

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Growing up the oldest of four children in the town of St. Adolphe in a Metis/bilingual home set me on my current path. My mother worked at the local credit union and my father owned a small painting and decorating company. We always had what we needed thanks to the hard work of my parents. In fact, hard work and honesty are two of the traits that I carry today that are thanks to them.

At the age of 23 I met my beautiful wife Andrea at Winkler Bible Camp where we were both counsellors. For her, it was her first year and for me it was my sixth year. Eighteen years and three wonderful biological children and two beautiful foster daughters later, she is still my biggest champion and best friend.

Continuing with my belief in hard work, I have volunteered in many places throughout my community and in Winnipeg, assisting with the building of the Landmark softball dugout covers, as well as holding the honour of being the youngest volunteer firefighter at the age of 16 in St. Adolphe. During the flood of 1997 I worked hard to help save the homes of Dawson Trail.

Though new to politics, my interest in Dawson Trail is long standing and it is this interest in both the communities and the residents of Dawson Trail that continue to fuel my passion for change. Come April 19, 2015, a change for the better is coming .